Introducing CAPABLE WARRIOR Security Services

Introducing CAPABLE WARRIOR SECURITY SERVICES. Duly licensed Registered SOSIA Agency now available Nationwide in the Philippines -Rated the #1 Security Agency in the Philippines

CAPABLE WARRIOR Security guards have class A-1 Military training from respected, retired US Military Officers and local high end registered Security Training Institute.

CAPABLE WARRIOR Security guards go through a mandatory training system that ensures high level knowledge of complex situations that might occur. Not your ordinary security guard. But still at a price that is affordable and will be cost effective for your concern.

CAPABLE WARRIOR Security guards are dependable, reliable and offer the best security solution for your home, business, school or can be deployed anywhere, anytime and under almost any condition and the results will be amazing.

CAPABLE WARRIOR Security agency abides strictly by all laws concerning the R.A. 5847 as this is the minimum standard qualification for guards. Guards that are paid properly and have good benefits perform better, show up on time, have more care. We believe in supporting our clients which is paramount to support our guards.

CAPABLE WARRIOR Security agency offers insurance and complete guarantee to our clients in the event of certain damages or claims made.

CAPABLE WARRIOR Security agency offers consulting services for your protection and help with administering proper Security protocols within your organization.


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